CASC 2019 Goal: Acquisition of the Building and the Property

CASA leases the current property from the City of Seattle at a discounted rate via a Mutual and Offsetting Benefit (MOB) Lease.  The terms of the MOB dictate that in exchange of the reduced rent, CASC would provide services and activities for seniors.

For the last three and a half years, starting in early 2015, CASC responded to a series of information requested by former Mayor Edward Murray and the City of Seattle Department of Finance and Administration in pursuit of the ownership of the facility we have occupied for the last fifty-one years, a publically owned building of the City of Seattle located at 500 30th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144 in the heart of the Central District.

CASC was told this information was requested to help determine the date and time of the transfer of the current facility to a “newly” incorporated 501 c 3 CASC board in 2019 on behalf of its membership and for the purpose of service to the Central District.

A significant amount of professional and volunteer time and financial resources totaling more than $180,000 went into the preparation of the materials requested by the City of Seattle.  Prior to the start of the materials requested, CASC had to first raise the funds needed to generate the information the City of Seattle requested.

We are appreciative of a large grant from the Department of Neighborhood, the many individual donors who donated, special events revenue, 4 Culture support, and City of Seattle Department of Human Services funding recent funds from the 2018 King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy dollars.

On November 19th, 2018, The City Council -through the hard work of Council members Lisa Herbold and
Mike O’Brien and their staff – voted 9 – 0 for the City to transfer or sale the properties.  They put a deadline of
June 30th, 2019.

Feel free to click on the forms below to view factual information about where we are at in the acquisition of the building and property.

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